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Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

I’m going to work and I’ma show this to my Director and Manager and walk out!!!


Barry Bonds Guilty

Barry Bonds was found guilty on one count of obstruction of justice for not answering questions when he talked to a grand jury back in the 2003 Balco Case. The judge granted a mistrial on the other 3 charges that Bonds Knowingly took steroids from his trainer back then. So after all this is over will Barry Bonds go the Hall Of Fame?  

Tracy Morgan on the Jay Leno Show

Tyreke Evans goes H.A.M. on this dunk

Too bad their record sucks!!!…GLS

KING Mag May 2011 – Sheneka Adams

Sheneka Adams did a spread in the May 2011 KING Mag issue. This girl is so fine. Check out her blog VixenGossip. Spotted @

Tracy Morgan on Conan Show

Funny man Tracy Morgan went onto the Conan Show earlier this week to promote his new movie Rio. The whole time Tracy was on the stage he had everyone laughing.  I’m looking for love tonight….. on sunset ave…..i got CASH

WoodKid – Iron

I usually dont post music on this site but i came across this video and i thought it was Phanominal! The video itself was something that was intense and very very well done. The song also was a monster. Check it out let me know what you think.