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What Grids My Gears!!!

January 29, 2011
By Moe “Da Juggernaut” Irchirl
What Grinds my gears:
Back in my day when a local talent with to a school. It was announced with class in your local newspaper or a simple listing of the players going to which college.  Nice and simple, and to the point. Nothing really major as a guy that played great being rewarded by going to his school of choice and hopefully contributing to that program.  What grinds my gears is that on Feb.2nd on Espn we as fans shall have to sit through and all day event or “spectacle” that has become national signing day! This truly annoys me and as I’ve seen quite a few people.  You have a press conference in the school’s gym or meeting room you have some 6’5 345 Offensive tackle from Montana on television and you place 4 hats in front of him just to see where he’s going to go. He teases by playing with the hats pretending to put it on then he finally puts it on his school of choice. Are u kidding me! That to me is a waste of time and money to devote on a kid who’s going to college! Do we spend time or TV hours on national honor society scholars or changers of their local community, didn’t think so. I’m sorry is the NFL draft of course its not This just another example of the new era of the “I’m entitled to the fame before I do squat athlete” Do I blame kid for being kids of course not do what you do. If you ever wonder why these younger kids have this sense of entitlement look no further than Feb.2, 2011.  You’ll see coverage regarding so many random kids your head will spin. The higher ups at Espn drink soda for this and lots of it its called “thrashola”!


Big shout out and mad “props” to the Nba. That’s right the NBA, for simply being good and compelling again. I know when The Jordan era was officially over a lot of people refuse to watch the product and frankly I could see why it was consistent, dudes couldn’t hit jumpers, the team concept was replaced by “I” which may get you wins but not championships. Then recently we’ve had a renaissance if you will. Teams are actually playing good basketball. Teams actually have players that you recognize and its almost like the late 80s-90s again Boston had a Big then (Bird, McHale, Parrish). Big 3 now (Ray,Paul,Kevin)..Lakers we’re older trying to repeat which there trying to do now.  Now we have upcoming stars that reminds us of a great generation of basketball. You have Chris Paul who reminds you of Isaiah Thomas. Blake “poster child” Griffin reminds you of Shawn Kemp. Kobe is just an old crafty version of himself. Melo may be headed to the Knicks thanks to Amare and Co. are relevant again.  On any given night teams can have a great game excluding the cavs (get over it Cleveland Lebron left and now you see why). Guys like Kevin Love are a double double machine(at the time this was written current has a streak of 27 consecutive games of them!) The Nab right now is a really good to watch again and not only that good for the NBA but that also good for basketball fans! If only I could fix the Rockets, lol hmmmm!


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