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The Jay Cutler Debacle

January 29, 2011

By Moe “Da Juggernaut” Irchirl

Allow me to re-introduce myself! My name is Moe aka “da Juggernaut” and sports is my thing. as long as I can remember have had a passion for sports. I was fortunate to play in high school, walk on in college and play pro-am basketball and semi-pro football. Besides that I spend time researching, coaching and discussing sports have the distinct honor of being the first freelance writer for  I will strive to brings facts and passion to my articles every week. I will discuss the hot sports topics, provide picks and present a fresh perspective on sports and life in general. My articles will come from the “heart” of a true fan perspective. You don’t  have to worry about network and team bias with me and it will not be seen in my articles! I believe in in intelligent conversation and embrace it I believe in greats sports debates and I embrace it. If you disagree or agree with any of my articles or have questions or statements feel free to comment on the site: or email me at all I ask is come correct or don’t come at all! Now that the intro is out the way on to today’s topics.

Jay Cutler:

Normally when the super bowl is in the horizon the focus normally moves on the two teams that made it. The networks present video back stories on those teams from their off season signings to any distractions they have had and how they made it to the big one! In all my years of watching football I have never seen someone get as much grief for not being able to play hurt as Jay Cutler.  What stood out most was that the harshest criticism he received came from former and current players! At the end of the day all we have is speculation and opinion on why Jay didn’t go back in but I believe Jay is being butchered for being an emotionless type player in an emotional game. People where calling out his passion, but those same people that did it should look in the mirror before you tweet or facebook or blog about a player’s injury. If Jay plays on a bum knee, and they still lose what kind of player does Jay become. A tough loser! That’s almost as laughable when somebody goes to jail for 4 years of their life and then come back to the old neighborhood works at the local warehouse scrapping up a living but they are respected in the streets cause he now has “street cred” for going to jail. Last time I checked when pursuing a house they don’t check “street credit”.  Let’s be real. I’m not a fan of Cutler. He’s arrogant and egotistical and thinks he’s better than what he is. He thinks he has a better arm than John Elway (hall of fame, 2x super Bowl winner!) He thinks he’s a elite QB but he hasn’t even mastered simple mechanics or proper footwork. He throws horrible interceptions like Farve.
 He has a nonchalant attitude when it comes to wins and losses. After he threw 5 picks in one game, we all remember him saying he would still throw those same passes again.  I applaud him for playing with diabetes. To shoot insulin between halves is a testament to his commitment to play. . He was the most sacked QB in the league this years as well, shows his toughness. Be honest, no one is a doctor, all we have on that situation is opinions and not facts. The only fact we did have is that he was hurt.  “You can shoot up and play on that knee”, “I did” quipped Trent Dilfer on ESPN but Trent (your super bowl win was due to you playing with one of top defenses of all time!) I never saw you playing hurt matter fact I remember you always getting hurt but I digress.  Lets say Cutler does play on his bum knee and he continued playing as he played on Sunday do the bears win, um no if you watched the game. He had a horrible QB rating, made bad reads of course had his typical interceptions and looked flat but he “should’ve been out there” right! The bears weren’t a super bowl team the fact they got there is a testament to their coaching and defense. Last person I saw play on a bum knee then go on to injure it worse was Carson Palmer I wonder how his career is doing since his knee injury. Jay Cutler is not a quitter he just lacks passion!


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