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Verizon iPhone goes on sale Feb. 10

January 12, 2011

The rumors were true and me personally?….I’m ready to ditch my Crackberry and leave my crappy service! (Hint, the company uses a player from the Miami Heat on their commercials…). One thing you learn about business, is that there’s nothing better then good healthy competition.

AT&T has had the exclusive rights to market the iPhone for the past 4 years, which basically allowed them advantages over other wireless companies. So this is exciting news that it may allow better rates sooner than later for customers.

With a standard two-year agreement, the Verizon iPhone will be $199 for a 16 GB device and $299 for the 32 GB version, which are the same prices AT&T offers.

However, the downfalls to the iPhone being on “The most reliable network” is that it will operate on the older 3G network which basically doesnt allow you to talk or surf the net at the same time. Oh well, not all that shines is gold…at least I wont want to chunk my phone after every droped call. So I’m thinking ill have a Crackberry paperweight.

Let the phone wars begin!

Verizon Wireless


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