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Aston Martin DBS by Graf Weckerle

January 5, 2011

Aston Martin DBS by Graf Weckerle

The Aston Martin DBS Imperialwagen is most definitely eye-catching with its matte metallic beige paint job with a two-tone orange and white Graf Weckerle Coachline, as well as the Graf Weckerle logo situated nicely towards the side rear of the car. That same logo was also brought into the interior with the use of white Graf Weckerle high-tech Puroyale velvet with two-tone orange and brown Graf Weckerle Millefleurs-embroidery. We had to try very hard to turn our eyes away from those inserts to notice that they sit in the middle of brown leather seats with orange piping and orange Graf Weckerle-embossed leather ribbons. The two-tone Graf Weckerle Millefleurs-embroidery also extends to the inserts in the brown and orange door panels.This design is certainly not for the conservative and mild-mannered. Spotted @ Top Speed

Very nice interior. Check more after the jump


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  1. This shit is redickulous!!! sick Azz whip!!!

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